As a developer, a video music editor and a designer, here are some works of mine for you to browse.
BTW, I must tell you, there are many many more web sites (shut down) videos (private) etc you cannot find here.
Since, I have over 25 years of experience, you know, everything changes fast... Thank you for visiting my page.

I develop Wordpress sites using flexible themes or create themes from scratch, also I can develop Wordpress plugins for special needs.

Web sites I've developed while working in a digital agency (Klik Samuray). Most of these designs are not mine, only application, theme editing, installation, management, video animation editing & seo settings. And sometimes special tweaks with php & js.
My own web sites.

I develop hybrid applications for Android and iPhone using Cordova (Phonegap). We also develop games using Unity 3D.

Cordova works.
Games and demos we've developed in Galaxior Creative.

I've been using PHP since version 2.0. I've developed my own framework so I don't use Laravel/Symphony/CodeIgnitor etc. Yet I've used CodeIgnitor in a project before. I'm familiar with MCV structure. But I get things done much faster with my own library (NOVA). I'm also very good at HTML5 & CSS3, AJAX.

Also I've developed many web sites and private projects you cannot find here. I'm capable of completing almost every aspect of a desired project by myself.

SagaMaker is a mobile application development suite with real-time debugging on device capabilities, drag & drop timeline interface. It's in beta.
PHPLOOKS is an old project. It's a CMS like Wordpress with many special extentions, plugins, drag & drop interface. was the portal it was used.
I've developed a Wordpress theme, many plugins according to request of writers, and transferred all data from IBM Webshere via writing a bot (they cannot export to SQL), resulting a very good site at that time.
2016, I've developed a content management system which allows the publisher to allow students use their content and let students to solve tests online & their on mobile phones. Also the tests were available to teachers using smart boards. It's unavailable now.
Gyzem was a phenomenal game in 2007. Thousands of users competed against each other through puzzles of the game. It had many original music pieces like these: song 1   song 2   song 2

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